December 15th, 2007
     Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever work anymore on this comic. And then I do. So there's your answer, I suppose...

May 22nd, 2007
     Dear god, I'm a terrible procrastinator. Just piddling around, putting together the site so there's at least something there for all the links.

December 26th, 2006
     Wow. This still exists. Who knew. Anyway, I've got 215 pages of thumbnail sketches (which should take us through about set 9). That may or may not go somewhere.

March 8th, 2006
     Sweet Jeebus, it's been a while, hasn't it? I found the login info for this site again, and figured what the hell. Might as well make use of the free hosting to polish up my HTML and CSS skills a bit, right? Right.

February 12th, 2003
     Mkay. So drawing the comics takes a while... updates will probably be once a month, in batches, simply because I know I'm going to be erratic about when I upload things.

February 9th, 2003
     So here it is, the new site. This is the only page that's up, so don't bother clicking on the links just yet.
Old comics are here. I take no responsibility for any damage caused to your eyeballs or psyche.
If you use the forum, I'll pay for it and get rid of the ads. I promise!
Now I'm really just seeing if this whole iFrame-ma-doodle works. If so, whoopee. If not, eh, looks like I'll overhaul the site yet again.